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It’s important to file both accurately and on time, not just to stay on CRA’s good side, but also to minimize taxes and stay up to date with your small business finances.

I can help you file your taxes and also ensure you’re not “left in the dark” to wonder what was filed on your behalf. 

I’ve seen so many returns done in the past where a business owner has no idea what was filed or what any of it means. My approach is collaborative, I want to ensure you are comfortable with the numbers and are getting the best return possible.

We will also ensure you are aware of what is coming down the line to minimize surprise tax bills and answer other tax planning questions (for example: should you pay yourself with dividends or salary, should you hire a contractor or an employee?). 

Types of filing offered:

  • Corporate Tax Returns (also known as T2s)

  • Sole Proprietor and Partnership Tax Returns (also known as T1s)

  • HST Filing

  • T4 Filing (for employees)

  • T5 Filing (for dividends paid to business owners)

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